As part of a group university project, we decided to build a library (or bookstore) management system. The goal was to be able to design an end-to-end experience (both a server and web UI) for librarians or bookstore owners to be able to manage their inventory (including loans or sales).

The default experience of Book-On which lists the current product offerings

A book listing provides all the information a user might need to know about the book

If you sign up, you get access to features like favorites and collections.

A "favorites" collection

Administrative features seen below are not accessible to standard users. These include the ability to check in and out loaned books, sell books, add books to the general inventory, or manage users (including password resets).

The menu for administrators shows the ability to loan books, sell books, or manage inventory

Selling books can be done by ISBN, and the system removes copy of that book from stock

We ended up cutting some features we had wanted to include, such as recommendation system, but the project largely turned out how the group initially planned it. It was completed in December of 2014, and maintained online for a short period before being archived. The source code remains available on GitHub.

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