You've stumbled across the archive of the blog posts I wrote back in 2014 and prior. Feel free to peruse, through everything from code snippets that never made it to GitHub, to random ramblings about my passion for technology.

I recently bought a Macbook Air, wanting to expand my repertoire with iOS applications. (Despite how much I speak out against Apple, they have two things going for them: build quality and platform awareness; two things which are very hard to pass up as a developer.) However, having used Ubuntu for my schoolwork and also wanting Windows for a future job at Microsoft, I knew that I would struggle to be able to use a Mac without my trusty developers' operating systems.

That left me with one choice: multiple operating systems in a dual- or triple-boot fashion. But I'm ambitious with technology, so I was going all-in on this. I found this LifeHacker tutorial and planned to follow it to the tee, with the addition of a shared partition to transfer files easily between operating systems.

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